"I must say I was a little apprehensive, however!!!!!! They have a great menu. I had the breakfast special 4 sausages!!!!!! huge portion and scramble eggs enough for two ppl + fries you can have home fries also. The food Is super tasty and GREAT value for your $$$ I cant wait to go back. The owner is SUPER NICE very welcoming and helpful."

- Vee B.

"This place is great! I often go here for lunch, and the employees remember you and follow up on your experience. The service is fantastic! The food is also great. Very generous amount of food for what you pay."

- Reshma B.

"Unconventional restaurant but do not let it stop you. It just adds to the convenience of it! Which makes sense, since there is a convenience store in the front. Owner was very kind and attentive. I ordered the chilli. It is homemade fresh chilli, and it was very tasty. I will definitely be coming back :)"

-Aeshatou N.

"This guy's the best. He really knows his customers well and he treats everyone with respect . I've never seen anyone so connected to the people and the neighbourhood. Probably one of the best story tellers with an endless supply of jokes to put a smile on your face. All of his products are always fresh and he always has the coffee on for you . And if your into lotto THAT'S the place to get your ticket . More stores need to be like this."

-Snap D.

"Great spot for breakfast and lunch! Food is delicious and made with care! Friendly owner and staff! And if your local or frequent the Keele and Eglinton area he's also got stamp card program where you get a free breakfast, soo bonus!!"

-Rory M.

"I was on my way to another breakfast spot when I came across this place. Was apprehensive at first because it looked like a convenience store, but my friend needed to grab something anyways so we went in. Saw the Chocolate Dream Pancakes on the menu and said "why not". My friend went to get the car, so I was making his coffee for him but I wasn't sure which size of cup he paid for. I asked Steve which one it was and he came out of the counter to make the entire thing for me without me asking. He proceeded to chat with me as if we were neighbours. As I waited for our food, I realized that the he knew every person who walked in by name. Some of the customers even recognized each other. Longer I waited the more I realized how popular this place was. The service was better than most dine-in restaurants I was amazed, the lady helping Steve out was very courteous. I was already so happy with the service going home. I was even happier when I dove into those fluffy, chocolatey pancakes. They were huge! Steve is an exemplary owner that really hold on to that old-time neighbourhood service that you don't see in many places anymore."

-Ruhan R.